pediatric tracheostomy procedure in Birmingham, AL

A tracheostomy is a procedure in which a hole is made in the trachea (commonly known as the windpipe) and a tube inserted, so that a person is able to breathe directly through the windpipe instead of utilizing the nose or mouth. The most common reasons a tracheostomy may be needed in children are significant blockage of the airway due to an abnormally narrow windpipe or other reasons, or a throat condition in which machine-assisted respiration is required. To seek treatment, contact your pediatric ENT specialist, such as one of the doctors and Pediatric ENT Associates, located in Birmingham, AL.

Pediatric ENT Specialist Tracheostomy Procedure

A tracheostomy treatment used to be the first line of action for breathing problems in children. However, nowadays, with advances in technology and knowledge, a tracheostomy is only entered into after careful consideration of all the options. The doctors at Pediatric ENT Associates in Birmingham are experts in their field, and they will assess your child’s situation carefully before deciding that a tracheostomy treatment is the best option.

Your doctor in Birmingham will be upfront with you throughout the entire procedure, and will guide you in caring for your child following the tracheostomy. While the tracheostomy procedure itself is fairly straightforward, your child will need to stay in the hospital for at least a week following surgery so that you can learn how to care for them at home.

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A child with a tracheostomy will need intensive care and close supervision when first returning home. Depending on the type of tube used, it will need to be changed with varying frequencies. Your expert doctor and pediatric team will work closely with you while your child is still in the hospital so that you are completely comfortable changing your child’s tube. You will also learn how to dress and clean the tube, and how to deal with any potential problems.

It is important to never submerge your child’s tracheostomy tube in water, as this may lead to drowning. You should be extremely careful when bathing your child, and do not let them swim. In addition, you should monitor your child closely to make sure that nothing gets inside the tube, as this could lead to breathing problems.


When it comes time for removal of the tracheostomy tube, your child will need to spend a few more nights in the hospital. This is so that our staff can monitor your child’s breathing in a controlled environment. The tube will be capped and your child will be watched closely to be sure that there are no breathing problems before the tube is fully removed. Pediatric ENT Associates and their team in Birmingham, Alabama are well versed in these procedures as well as tracheostomy removal, and your child is in good hands with them.

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If your child is experiencing breathing problems, bring them to an experienced pediatrician at Pediatric ENT Associates in Birmingham, Alabama so that the problems can be assessed and the best course of action decided upon. To find out more information about tracheostomy treatment and to schedule an appointment, call (205) 831-0101 today.

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