advice-for-healthy-ear-ENT-Specialists Summer vacation for kids is in full swing, and it’s important to keep kids active and healthy through the summer rather than sedentary in front of the TV or computer. Studies have shown that many children tend to gain weight in the summer because they have lost the structure of school and spend their days inside, often eating unhealthy foods and rarely getting exercise. Snacking is common during the summer, and mealtimes may become less structured than they are during the school year, which can lead to unwanted weight gain. This kind of weight gain can lead to further health issues, such as sleep apnea or a weakened immune system. In addition, outdoor activities can lead to health issues, such as swimmer’s ear or allergic reactions. The doctors at Pediatric ENT Associates in Birmingham offer advice on how to keep your child healthy and active during the summer.

Staying Healthy and Active

While kids get months off for summer, parents often don’t have that luxury, and children may end up spending most of their days indoors in front of a screen, whether TV, computer, tablet, or cell phone. However, there are ways to keep children active even if parents can’t be around to take them to the park or the beach. Enrolling kids in a summer camp or other community activity is a good way to get them out of the house and doing things. In addition, keeping to regular eating schedules and keeping only healthy snacks within kids’ reach can help them to avoid gaining weight, which could lead to other health and self-esteem issues.

Managing Allergies

Allergies can affect children at any time of the year, not just spring and fall. Summer allergies can include weeds, insects, and mold, and can be made worse by air pollution in some major cities. Summer allergy symptoms can include runny nose, itchy eyes and nose, sneezing, and coughing. Fever is usually not an allergy symptom and may indicate a summer cold rather than allergies. Allergies can usually be treated with over-the-counter antihistamines, decongestants, nasal sprays, and eye drops, but in severe cases may require a prescription. The doctors at Pediatric ENT Associates are familiar with allergies and can advise tips on combating allergies, as well as may diagnose and prescribe treatment options for your child.

Dealing with Ear Infections

Ear infections are extremely common in young children, and while they are not usually very serious, they can progress to the point of causing deafness if not treated promptly. Swimmer’s ear is a very common infection of the outer ear that gets its name from the fact that it is often caused by water trapped inside the ear, although it can also be caused by fingers, cotton swabs, or other foreign materials that can damage the lining of the ear canal. Many children get swimmer’s ear after swimming in pools or the ocean, but it can often be treated effectively through over-the-counter ear drops. It is important to treat swimmer’s ear as soon as possible, however, because it can steadily worsen if left untreated. If your child complains of pain in their ear, see a doctor immediately for a diagnosis and treatment plan. The doctors at Pediatric ENT Associates are experts in child ear infections, and will be able to help you plan your child’s treatment.

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