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Sinusitis is the technical term for a sinus infection. Sinusitis is fairly common and is easily treatable. It’s important to remember that the frontal sinuses in children don’t fully develop until they are six or seven years old, which means that if your child complains of a headache before that age, it most likely is not an inflammation of the sinuses.

Symptoms of sinusitis can be easily confused with general cold symptoms; what to look for is a persistent cough, fever developing days after the onset of cold symptoms, ear pain, dental pain, or worsening congestion.

What Causes Sinusitis Infections?

Sinusitis is caused by an infection in any of the sinuses. The sinuses are hollow spaces in the head which can become infected following a cold or flu due to trapped mucous through blocked sinus drainage. The sinuses are lined with the same mucous membranes as the nose, meaning that as the nose gets congested and produces more mucous, so do the sinuses.

Pediatric ENT Specialist Sinusitis Treatment

At Pediatric ENT Associates in Birmingham, Alabama, our doctors have years of experience treating sinusitis conditions. Often, sinusitis will disappear on its own, and all that may be recommended is mild pain relievers and a warm compress on the face. Decongestants or antihistamines may be recommended by ENT specialists to manage symptoms as well. If the condition is thought to be caused by a bacterial infection, antibiotics will be prescribed.

If your child’s sinusitis becomes chronic or is not responsive to antibiotics, surgical intervention is usually necessary in order to open the blocked sinus pathways.  The surgeons at Pediatric ENT Associates in Birmingham are highly trained in minimally invasive pediatric sinus surgery, aimed at relieving symptoms while not disrupting the developing bones of the child’s face.

It is highly recommended to take steps to prevent infection through minor changes in the home environment. Dry weather or dryness caused by heat in the winter lead to irritation of the sinuses, but this can be prevented through the use of a small home humidifier. Wash hands frequently, and teach your children about how to prevent the spread of germs. Colds, allergies, and flu can all lead to sinusitis, so doing your best to prevent your child from becoming ill is the best way to prevent sinusitis.

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