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Is My Baby’s Ear Infection Contagious?

Ear infections in babies are not contagious, but some of the conditions that cause ear infections can be spread to other people. Ear infections are a common illness that often results from mucus or fluid in the eustachian tube, the connecting channel between the middle ear and the back of the nose. Young children and  Continue Reading »

How to Know if Your Baby Has an Ear Infection

When your baby cries, you want to immediately know what is wrong. Are they sick? Hungry? Tired? One reason a baby may cry is because they have an ear infection. Ear infections account for most visits to a pediatrician. They are difficult to detect without actually looking inside the ears with an otoscope.  The pain  Continue Reading »

How to Prevent Ear Infections In kids

Ear infections are the most common reason parents take their children to the doctor. If your child is suffering from ear pain, it could be an ear infection—and Pediatric ENT Associates at Children’s of Alabama (PENTA) can help. PENTA, located in Birmingham, Alabama, has five board-certified doctors specializing in diagnosing and treating pediatric ear, nose,  Continue Reading »

What To Do About Chronic Ear Infections in Children

According to the NIH, five out of every six kids have at least one ear infection by their fifth birthday. Ear infections are so common in children and babies that they account for more visits to the pediatrician than any other single ailment. Doctors refer to ear infections as “otitis media,” which means an infection  Continue Reading »

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