What to Expect

To make your appointment as smooth as possible, we’d like to go over what you should expect when you come into the Pediatric ENT Associates clinic located in Birmingham, AL. You and your child are of the utmost What to expect as Patient in Birmingham, AL importance to us, and we want to make sure you are prepared and comfortable. When visiting our clinic, you should allow at least two hours for the appointment, and know that there may be delays. We know your time is important to you, so we’d like to explain some common reasons for delays.

Ear Problems

Children with chronic ear problems may need to have their hearing evaluated, an ear procedure done such as ear wax removal or ear suctioning, or have an ear culture taken. In addition, if surgery is scheduled, pre- and post-operative teaching may be given to you and your child. In the case of post-operative visits, maintenance may be done such as suture or packing removal and changing of dressings.

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Voice Related Problems

If your child has croup, stridor, or other voice related problems, they will be evaluated by a physician or nurse practitioner and may need further scope testing, which requires the use of special equipment. Airway x-rays or other diagnostic tests may be performed as well, and any special diagnosis of the voice box will be explained in detail.

Strep Throat

Children suffering from chronic strep throat may require surgery, which will need to be scheduled after a thorough evaluation by a physician or nurse practitioner. To learn more about strep throat, visit MedlinePlus.gov.


Other reasons for delay include having to work in emergency patients, Pediatric Cochlear Implant and doctors being delayed in the operating room or needing to perform emergency surgery. You will be informed of the reason for any delay, and we appreciate your understanding and patience.

Please remember to bring any necessary forms to your appointment, and don’t forget your work or school excuse and medication list on the way out. In addition, we may need to schedule follow-up appointments or surgery.

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