hemangioma red skin treatment Birmingham, AL When your child is in pain or suffering from an impairment of the ear, nose, and/or throat, you want to be sure you not only find the best quality care, but that your child feels comfortable and is treated with age-appropriate gentleness and consideration. Pediatric ENT Specialist in Birmingham, AL is just the solution you and your child need.

Otolaryngologists, otherwise known as ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialists, have undergone at least 13 years of higher education: four years of college, four years of medical school and at least five years of specialized ENT training. Most pediatric ENT specialists undergo an additional one- to two-year fellowship in pediatric otolaryngology at a major teaching university in order to treat children from newborns to teenagers, up to 18 years of age.

While many general ENT specialists for adults also diagnose, treat and perform surgery on children, pediatric ENT specialists are specially trained and uniquely equipped to deal with a number of issues that arise when treating babies, children and teens. To schedule an appointment for your son or daughter in Birmingham, AL with an expert physician, contact Pediatric ENT Associates today.

1. We Understand Anatomical Differences

Adult-sized examination and surgical tools are not appropriate for babies and small children. A pediatric ENT specialist will have specialized tools that are precisely sized to treat your baby, child or teen.

In addition, ear, nose and throat organs may still be developing in young children and, therefore, may require different treatment than would be appropriate for adults. For instance, a child’s Eustachian tubes (ear canals) do not reach their full growth for several years. The shorter ear canals make your child more susceptible to things like ear infections and ear aches.

2. We Communicate With Your Child: With and Without Words

Unlike most adults, babies and young children cannot verbally express what is causing their pain or discomfort. Even older children and teenagers may be uncomfortable answering medical questions. At Pediatric ENT Associates, our physicians are trained to watch for nonverbal clues that may alert them to key symptoms in a diagnosis. They also know how to talk to babies, kids and teens in a way that gains their trust and makes them feel relaxed and cooperative.

3. Child-Friendly Environments

Even adults can develop stress or “white-coat hypertension” when visiting a doctor. Children are usually more sensitive than adults and can be particularly susceptible to feeling stress or anxiety in a new or unfamiliar place.

A pediatric otolaryngologist makes an extra effort to design their offices with their young patients in mind. Our waiting rooms are often filled with toys, books, magazines and sometimes videos to entertain your child while they wait. Our Birmingham office and examination rooms are painted and decorated in cheerful colors designed to feel friendly and welcoming.

4. We Treat a Variety of Disorders

A consistency of care can be important for any patient, particularly children, who may take the time to adjust to strangers or new environments. In addition to annual or biannual checkups and hearing tests, a Birmingham pediatric ENT specialist is qualified to handle the following disorders:


Allergic symptoms may manifest as difficulty breathing, respiratory distress, hay fever, sinusitis, rhinitis, otitis media (ear infection) and dizziness. Our physicians can help control or resolve allergic symptoms with 1) lifestyle modifications, such as avoiding pollen, dust, mold and allergenic foods; 2) medication and/or 3) immunotherapy.


Your child may be experiencing a disorder of the larynx (voice box) if they lose their voice, have a sore throat, have trouble swallowing or experience gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Our physicians can examine your child to determine the cause of the disorder and treat it with behavior modifications, medicine and/or surgery.


Our pediatric ENT physicians treat diseases of the ear, including hearing loss as well as trauma, ear infection, tumor and nerve pathway disorders. If your child is experiencing hearing loss, ear aches, dizziness, ear ringing or unexplained lumps or bumps, an examination at our Birmingham office can help determine the cause and the correct course of treatment.


The nose and sinuses can develop a number of treatable disorders, including chronic nose bleeding, stuffy nose, loss of smell, sinusitis, polyps and tumors. We can diagnose, treat and control the symptoms and be sure that they do not indicate an underlying condition. To learn more about nasal disorders, visit

Head and Neck

A pediatric ENT can examine, diagnose and treat any unexplained lumps or bumps you find on your child’s face, head and/or neck, including cancerous and noncancerous tumors of the neck, thyroid and larynx.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Our specialists in Birmingham can surgically treat functional, reconstructive and cosmetic abnormalities of the face, neck and ears. Surgical interventions may include repairing a cleft palate, ptosis (eyelid drooping), deviated septum and other facial and ear deformities. Cosmetic procedures include rhinoplasty or a nose job, for teens who have finished their growth.

The First Step is a Simple Phone Call

If your pediatrician has recommended that you consult a pediatric ENT specialist or if your child is experiencing pain, distress or unexplained bumps or lumps of the face, neck, throat, nose and/or ears, contact the board-certified pediatricians at Pediatric ENT Associates for a consultation and evaluation. You can reach us at our offices in Birmingham, Alabama at 205-831-0101 or via email.

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