ear pain treatment doctor birminghamClinical Associate Professor

Dr. J. Scott Hill received his medical degree from the University of Alabama School of Medicine. He completed his internship and residency at the University of Michigan, and served a fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and was certified in otolaryngology in 1997.

Dr. Hill’s specialties include congenital ear anomalies, pediatric otology, laryngology reconstruction, and management of airway lesions. Dr. Hill is a father and his sons are all American wrestling champions.

Abridged CV


  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatric Otolaryngology


  • Head and Neck Surgery
  • Department of Surgery
  • Pediatric Section
  • Division of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery


  • University of Alabama M.D. Auburn University BS


  • July, 1991 – June, 1996 Residency
  • July, 1990 – June,1991 Internship

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