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Neck masses in children can be due to a variety of causes, usually either congenital or inflammatory. These masses are most commonly benign in children, with the inflammatory type accounting for the majority.

A complete and accurate history of symptoms and their onset is invaluable in aiding diagnosis of a pediatric neck mass by a pediatric otolaryngologist such as those at Pediatric ENT Associates in Birmingham, AL.

Types of Neck Masses

Congenital masses include hemangiomas, lymphatic malformations, thyroglossal duct cysts, and branchial cleft cysts. Congenital masses are present from birth or a very young age, and are generally benign. Other types of neck masses may result from infection.

Very rarely, one may be a malignant tumor; if that is the case, your child will be immediately treated by a team of cancer specialists. The team at Pediatric ENT Associates is very comprehensive, and by working together with other specialties, will be able to accurately diagnose your child and recommend the best treatment plan for their head and neck condition.

In many cases of neck masses due to infection, the swelling will go down on its own with no further treatment required. In other cases, medication or surgical excision may be needed. Your pediatric otolaryngologist will determine which course of neck lumps treatment is the best for your child.

Diagnosis of Pediatric Neck Mass Swelling by an ENT Specialist

Diagnosis can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the symptoms and likely causes. An ultrasound may be done to see the size and shape of the mass, or a CT scan or MRI may also be done for a more detailed analysis.

Your expert pediatric otolaryngologist at Pediatric ENT Associates will let you know everything that needs to be done and will walk you and your child through the entire process.

Treatment of Neck Lumps

Treatment will depend on a number of factors, including what type of mass it is and how severe the symptoms are. Treatments can include a wait-and-see approach, where the mass is monitored but otherwise left alone to disappear on its own, excision in the case of benign tumors that won’t disappear on their own, or other treatments such as medication.

The doctors at Pediatric ENT Associates work with a highly skilled team along with other departments in the hospital in order to provide the most comprehensive and appropriate treatment for your child.

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